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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a combination of digital displays plus relevant and timely content that encourages specific behavior. A high-impact communications platform, Enabled by computer networks and software, not TV content of form. Dynamic data, graphics, video and audio are distributed to remote display devices.

Why do I need it?

  • To enhance the consumer experience
  • The store actually interacts with the customer
  • Digital messaging capability for staff
  • Immediacy of customer response

How is it done?

Here is a project overview checklist outlining the various stages of our work:

  • Confirm store opening date
  • Confirm start and completion dates
  • Confirm equipment warehousing and distribution
  • Order equipment
  • Confirm equipment ship dates
  • Confirm receipt dates
  • Installation
  • System calibration (audio, video and network)
  • Installation review
  • Staff training
  • Management review

When should I get it?

Industry analysts have predicted and are now seeing a shift from traditional marketing channels to on-site marketing.

Our key goal is: "To directly focus advertising to the end consumer"

The entire world of conventional and retail marketing is changing literally overnight due to:

  • TIVO/DVR, teleision marketing is now less effective
  • XM/SIRIUS, satellite radio is commercial free
  • Spam has slammed computers
  • Newspapers arent read the way they used to be, news is free on the net.

Where can I get it?

Let’s join together and increase the "WOW" factor in your store! Contact us today!